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Acupuncture for Pain ManagementCouples alike can agree that not being able to conceive a child can be emotionally draining, discouraging and financially bruising. Forty percent of the reasoning’s relay on the health factors of women for; leaving another forty percent onto men with a low count of sperm or a motility condition. The other twenty percent would be categorized as unknown problems. However, one possible answer to your troubles may not be that far fetched in some cases.

Acupuncture for pain management is what comes to mind when mentioned to most people. It can even be used for a variety of other scenarios. Though is this age old medical practice proven to boost in fertility rates in both women and men? You’re in luck. In certain cases, yes this therapy is beneficial and can even begin anytime during your fertility treatment.

In one German study, the process of inserting several of the thin, sterile needles into ones skin has attested towards at least 42% of 160 women that participated were able to get pregnant. Research on that case had judged that blood flow to the uterus was increased during the procedure, causing muscle tissue to relax; ultimately allowing the embryos a better chance at implanting versus those without the acupuncture treatment.

In regards to other case studies, the process has been proven to relieve stress. The pain from the needles has been compared to getting your eyebrows plucked- so it isn’t too intense. It’s well known and proven that conception under a stressful environment often can be the reason in not being able to conceive and have children. Doctors claim that pairing acupuncture with other stress relieving activities can be an ideal arrangement for certain individuals. Endorphins are released as the needles are gently pressed into the skin. Patients claim to feel a variety of things during the therapy. Depending on where the needle is placed, people insist that during the treatment their body begins to relax and go into a sleepier state than prior. However others begin to get energized. In different cases, a change in blood flow and hormonal changes can be accounted for.

The practice is also proven towards being the reason to decrease side effects of pregnancy in women, including nausea, moodiness and lethargic feelings without usage of oral medications. Though never be tricked into thinking that this therapy can only be used for women. A few men that have participated in regular acupuncture appointments had an improvement in overall sperm count and in motility, or the direction in which the sperm travels. Another positive result in the men who had acupuncture treatments was that those who were infertile with unknown cause showed to have fewer sperm counts of structural defects. The acupuncture pushing to further increase the amount of normal sperm in the tests.

Before you begin making arrangements or booking appointments, it’s always safe and secure to be sure your body is in the health to have this done. A simple visit with your healthcare provider should inform you on that. Albeit this method of fertility treatment cannot change certain infertility scenarios, it’s definitely worth a try to see if you qualify. In some cases; the acupuncture therapy will be completely covered by your insurance. Others may partially pay or not at all- though it will vary by state and provider.

In closing- acupuncture for fertility is well worth your research in seeing if you qualify for its beneficial outcomes.







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