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No-one expects to have fertility issues, but unless you’ve tried to conceive, the fact is that you have no idea whether you could be affected.

Having a baby is a wonderful experience, but when there’s problems with conception, the whole time can be fraught and rather stressful. 

Although there are a number of different medical treatments that may offer a solution, the side effects can be significant and there’s no guarantee of success. Before taking any drugs or having invasive treatments, it’s worth trying acupuncture as it can be an extraordinarily effective cure for fertility problems.

Centuries-old treatment

As most people know, acupuncture is a therapy which dates back to ancient China and other areas of Asia where it formed part of traditional medicine. Using needles to penetrate the skin at specific points, which are then stimulated either electronically or manually, acupuncture has continued to be used throughout the ages to bring a whole wealth of health benefits.

Using acupuncture to treat infertility isn’t a new concept; it was first used in this way thousands of years ago. 

Using acupuncture as a modern treatment 

Acupuncture can be used either in isolation, or combined with modern treatments such as IVF to enhance its effectiveness.

Acupuncture can also be used on its own, helping to stimulate the release of eggs from the ovaries. Experts believe that the success rates of using fertility drugs such as Clomid, and acupuncture alone are broadly very similar, around 50% in the general population (over a 3 month period).

When these two treatments are combined, the chances of success are greatly enhanced. 

Why it works

One of the reasons why acupuncture is so successful when used in tandem is that it improves the overall health of the individual, creating the perfect environment for conception thus increasing the chances of any treatment working.

There is some solid scientific theory backing up the success of acupuncture on fertility. Experts believe that as well as helping the body to produce feel-good endorphins, acupuncture has a direct effect on the hormones in the brain. 

Research suggests that acupuncture affects the neuroendocrine system, impacting on both the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus as well as the ovaries. This trio of effects results in a change in ovulation and potentially the production of eggs. 

Other, less proven, theories point to acupuncture increasing blood flow to the ovaries. If correct, this could result in a greater amount of fertility hormones being delivered to the ovaries, helping to increase stimulation. 

Specialist in fertility treatment

if you’re looking for fertility acupuncture in Encino, it’s essential you make sure that the practitioner you use has the appropriate qualifications. When delivered by the right person, acupuncture has a very good chance of improving any fertility problems (unless there’s an underlying structural defect or similar).

However, to get the results you deserve, you should check that your practitioner is certified and registered with an appropriate body and has many year of experience in delivering acupuncture for fertility problems. 

Although the results are never guaranteed, many women have benefitted from trying acupuncture either in isolation or with other fertility treatments, with extraordinary results. 








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