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Acupuncture has long been known to bring relief from pain, help people break free from addictions to alcohol, drugs or smoking, improve immune system deficiencies, ease the discomfort from menopause, cure allergies, and much more. But did you know there are things you can do to improve the acupuncture session? Here are five great ways to improve your acupuncture sessions and what you need to know if you are new to acupuncture treatments.

Be honest with your practitioner about your health. It’s important for him or her have a clear picture of your symptoms and the ultimate goal. Things such as lifestyle and behaviors are important in determining the best course of treatment, determining how many sessions will be needed to bring healing and relief from the health issue.

You will be asked about your medical history, symptoms you are experiencing, etc. Sleeping patterns, digestion, appetite and emotional contentment are all things which may seem to be unrelated to your condition, but all the information you give your practitioner will help to formulate a more thorough picture of your lifestyle and overall health. Show up for your initial consultation with a list of questions you may have. This is especially helpful if it is your first experience with acupuncture as it enables your practitioner to explain how the treatment words and to address your concerns.

1. It is important to let your practitioner know if acupuncture is something that is completely new for you. This will ensure your practitioner knows to take some extra time explaining what will happen and make certain you are completely comfortable with the whole process.

2. Avoid having a big meal within the hour of your scheduled appointment, however it is also recommended that patients not show up on an empty stomach. The digestive process alters the pulse pattern, and chances are you might need to lay on your stomach depending on the acupuncture pressure points needed for your session.

3. Because part of the consultation process includes checking the color of the tongue, refrain from having foods or drinks that will color the tongue. Things like strong tea, coffee and alcohol should be avoided before your session.

4. Wear comfortable as well as loose fitting clothing. This will ensure the acupuncture points are clearly accessible. This is especially important when it comes to the lower limbs being freely accessible. You may be asked to disrobe to give your practitioner better access to the acupuncture points, however wearing loose fitting clothing can help those who are not comfortable disrobing from the need to do so.

5. Try to show up for your appointment a few minutes early. To achieve the most beneficial session, it’s important to be relaxed. Showing up a few minutes early will give you time to relax and calm your mind before the treatment. It’s important for the body to be in as natural a state as possible during the sessions. Because being in a natural state is important, if you are on any type of pain medication avoid taking it immediately before your session.







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